A Philadelphia Born Spice

Launched in Philadelphia in 2021, Apply Me Signature All-Purpose spice blends combine a zest for great flavor with acute food science knowledge to elevate the meals of the at-home chef and expert culinary wiz alike.  Sourced from the highest quality spices and fused with an engineer’s imagination, Apply Me is the only spice blend you’ll need for any occasion. Fun to use. Easy to create with.  Apply Me® takes the guesswork out of flavor.

Our Vision

Apply Me Spice strives to take home cooking, grilling, and even snacking to the next level.  Committed to using premium ingredients that excite the palate and embody a global flair, with Apply Me, you’re already a chef. 

Chef? Dabbler? Culinary Master?

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About the Founder

Owen Dublin is a family man with a deep affinity for barbeque.  Desiring to bring the liveliness, laughter, sticky fingers, and full mouths indicative of a successful backyard BBQ to the world, Dublin began to experiment in his home kitchen in Philadelphia.  Armed with a bowl, fork, and knowledge gleaned from culinary staples such as The Flavor Bible, Dublin’s purposed to bring ease of use and memorable bursts of flavor to the dry rub spice space.  With meticulous care and the precision of a master blender, Dublin succeeded and launched Apply Me in 2021.   According to Owen, “When the food is better than expected it amplifies the experience” and with Apply Me Spice, “let the spice take you there.”

As an homage to his Caribbean roots, Apply Me launches with two signature all-purpose spice blends, Jerk Seasoning Mild and Jerk Seasoning Spicy.  Both carry an air of paradise that make your palate sing.